Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speed Reading Lessons -- Learn Easily

On average, people read around 200 to 400 words per minute. After learning how to speed read, that number normally triples, but these courses rarely teach dynamic comprehension. Many people do not know what dynamic comprehension is an how it will allow you to understand what you are reading much better. In this article, you will get a better idea of what dynamic comprehension is and why many people read slow.

I can remember times when I would read and get so involved with what I was reading that I felt like was actually in the story. If you have ever felt what was described, you have experienced dynamic comprehension. Having said that, can learning how to speed read help you develop this comprehension. The answer is yes. If you learn how to speed read, the speed that you are reading becomes much closer to the pace of reality. When you read as fast as you think, dynamic comprehension becomes easy. If learning how to speed read is not that difficult, but comprehending what they are reading is, why do so many people read slowly?

From our earliest ages that we began reading, we were taught to read out loud. The reason for this was to allow our teachers to know if you were keeping up with the other kids in the class. When you became a better reader, the teacher told you to read silently and this is the foundation that causes many of us to read and record each word individually in our minds. This only serves to reinforce the concept of reading slowly. The mind works at a much faster pace than this, therefor the slow reading causes us to lower the amount that we retain. If you can not intake new material as fast as your mind operates then comprehension and concentration will suffer.

By taking a course in how to speed read, you can not only increase the rate of your reading, but also increase comprehension and concentration. Finally, the main point that is being made in this article is that learning to comprehend at a high rate is just as important as learning how to speed read.Learning to speed read will let you learn new material as fast as you think which will allow for comprehension that is dynamic.

You can learn how to speed read and comprehend at 25,000 words per minute in 10 minutes per day.

I have a great love of reading and wanted to pass that on to my three kids. With all of the electronics and video games that kids are playing today, the need for instant gratification is greater than ever. This led me to a search for how to speed read on the internet. My thought was to find a system that would give that instant gratification that my kids, and really all kids are in need of.

If you are looking for a way to increase your reading speed and comprehension, or get your kids excited about reading, I highly recommend this product that will teach you how to speed read and comprehend more, click HERE.

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